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The arts in Barre include a diverse selection of sights and sounds designed to captivate the senses and invigorate the mind.


As Barre, VT is home to what is often referred to as the world's largest granite Quarry, Rock of Ages, that will accommodate projects of magnitude and has inspired sculpture artists in area, visitors and locals alike enjoy the many different sculptures that appear through the town and, notably, at the Hope Cemetery.

If you're interested in learning to sculpt, the Vermont Granite Museum and Kurjanowicz Sculpture Studio, LLC have a sculpture learning facility and program, in addition to their sculpture work for individuals and institutions.


Award winning local sculpture Jerry Williams who is celebrated for his artwork, continues to design granite and bronze sculptures for municipalities, memorials and other special projects at Barre Sculpture Studios located in the downtown area. ...More


Not all is made of stone in Barre. For music and theater enthusiasts the Barre Opera House will surely satisfy.  "This 1899 theater is the cultural cornerstone of Barre, Vermont." and hosts local talent and internationally celebrated musicians.


Studio Place Arts celebrates art on canvas and three dimensional design.  Classes for all ages are also available.





Barre Sculpture Studios - Since 1985 Barre Sculpture Studios has been creating sculpture from stone, bronze and wood for organizations, municipalities and individuals. ...More





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