Spas and Salons in Barre

Things to Do in Barre





Barre, in the heart of central Vermont, is a spa and salon oasis with many hair stylists creating traditional to progressive hair styles including rad coloring techniques. If you're into self expression you can find it within a short walk down North Main Street.

In the downtown district find  Downtown Styles, The Salon @ 42 Summer Street, Magnifique Salon and Posh Salon and Spa, for that great conservative look to non-traditional social statement.


Visit Posh Salon and Spa, Paris Nails and Beauty Nail and Spa for professional and artistic nails.



(Photo to the left: Posh Salon and Spa, Photo above: Beauty Nail and Spa)


Fringe Salon, Hair Advantage, The Family Heirloom, Jodi's Men's and Women's Haircare and Salon are located just down the road and create their own radical to conservative looks.



To complete your new look for the rockin' new you Rock City Tattoo and Bury the Needle Tattoo transpose their unique, contemporary and classic designs onto human form.



Experience Barre accepts donations.  Funding this project helps bring business to area businesses.  Please donate.  Your help is greatly appreciated!


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